Happy Customers

These are amazing! My dad and I love these I buy them every time I order. They taste really good and they get you really toasty. Uplifting stone for sure. Highly recommend if you’re a daily user!

kevin qc / Verified Customer

First time ordering and it’s amazing. Super fast shipping and this stuff is some of the best bud I’ve smoked seen tasted smelled in my 25 years of blazing.

Darthvaper / Verified Customer
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What a GORGEOUS vape pen! Love the deep green and the gold cartridges. I’m not super well versed in THC pens but this one has been great so far, I only use it when I can’t smoke. I got it some few months ago along with three of the mix and match cartridges and I’m almost at the end of my first one. Quickly charges and I can’t get over how chic it looks. The charge lasts forever.

SydneyKitty / Verified Customer

Considering this in only a triple A ranking I was impressed. Burned really well, slight hint of lemon in taste and smell. Good buzz with good staying power. Ended up liking this better than some of the 4A and 5As that I’ve tried.

ArcadeKidd / Verified Customer

This has become 1 of my favorite strains! The taste is as described, a citrusy burst of flavor with no heavy after taste. The high creeps up on you, and you feel like the stress drains from your body, while giving you an intense focus on any task. I hope they can keep this 1 in stock so it’s readily available when I need.

ryansixstrings / Verified Customer
ORDER Sour-Watermelon-Gummies marijuana edibles

I have only been using cannabis, and solely in edible form, since January 2021. Of the products I have tried in the past 3 months, these edibles are the best and most consistent. They taste great with just a mild ‘medicinal’ taste if you chew them for a long time. I have bought these a few times and intend to buy more in the near future.

Benjamin Currie / Verified Customer

This was a pleasant surprise. I got a hard hitting buzz without the residual groggy feeling you get after.
It’s a clearer high that get you relaxed sleepy n hungry but with a clearer head.
When you wake up you do not have that lethargic feeling you normally get from consuming edibles. This is easily my new favourite.
Plus I read up on ABX_Cannabis_Soft_Gels_ this has many health benefits and properties.
I’m so glad I can find it here.

Vegeta / Verified Customer

First time trying this new strain and really impressed with the flower. The aroma is definitely grape and has a strong banana flavour too. It hits hard at first but then settles into a nice buzz that will get you through your evening. I recommend this strain and will buy more when it becomes available again. Four stars for price point.

ComplexKid / Verified Customer

Awesome top shelf Budder! Very good Consistency, Nice fresh herb taste. Not too harsh. Very well done. Nice packaging and good smoke. Nice uplifting buzz. Very good all around. Thanks so much Herbalganjastore this ones a smashing success!

Jennifer Toste / Verified Customer

They always have my juice in stock at a great price. Delivery is fast. No complaints!

Tierney T. / Verified Customer

Awesome weed! It come trimmed as if no leafs grows on and smell berry and hash just as it called. The real effects of the hash plant and blueberry as the buzz is 100% physical and will bring your body heavier and heavier. Recommend it for evening or night time use. Doesn’t smell too strong. Niciest buds I’ve ever seen for a hash berry plant.

Polo / Verified Customer
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Just got my vape and cart 2 days ago and I absolutely love it !! Nice smooth smoke .. and gets you high really quickly .. can’t wait to order more !

leepoitras1234 / Verified Customer

impressive head good smell really hard surely the hardest I have ever had quite impressive buzz but I expected more satisfaction from the product I recommend good taste I would give a score of 9/10

kevin qc / Verified Customer

3 of these will put you in a state of bliss, even for an experienced smoker!! i’ve been purchasing these for a while now, they are my go to edible. very easy to regulate your dosage.

Joseph Messina / Verified Customer

Beautiful, simple, functional

Time2Go / Verified Customer
Kurvana carts

I love this Kurvana carts, it actually tastes like a cookie, and it’s so smooth!

thomas guenette / Verified Customer

Very good weed for those who like sativa beautiful purple color beautiful crystal weak smell gives a heavy sensation in the neck but gives energy consumption during the day not for sleeping 8.5 / 10

Bull Shannon / Verified Customer

The Dank-Vapes are amazing I’d recommend to any that is new to vaping

McBain / Verified Customer

This one was a pretty fresh and potent pick for 5A. The best thing about this batch was the fresh citrus smell. That aroma was delightful and an experience in itself. The buds were quite crispy and coated. Amazing to roll up a few joints for the day with this strain, and be on your merry way.

Edward P / Verified Customer
Buy jetty extracts

This is one of my two favorite devices. I can hold it like a cigarette and for being so light, the vapor production is great. I really love it so much.

Mikael / Verified Customer

This edible was a lot of fun. The apple flavor really stands out in this gummy, and it is quite savory. The edible is very tiny, probably 1″ x 2″ in size. It was upsetting to finish it in one bite, because the taste is so incredible and you just crave for more. I would highly recommend this to wash away any stress a bad day may have caused you.

SandyM / Verified Customer
Off white carts

shipping reliable and fast

CH G / Verified Customer

Ok so when I wrote my first review I had only smoked 4 to 5 of the joints and they were not burning well and that was deffinatly affecting the experience of the high. So I opened some joints and smoked that through a pipe and the difference was night and day! This is one of the best indica I have tried for sleep put me out solid once it was smoked out of a bowl

Jennifer Toste / Verified Customer

First, I’m rating this five stars because it should be rated as AA. It was sure a little dry but the taste(surtout), smell and look were exactly as you expected an higher grade Nuken batch to taste, smell, look like. Je suis vraiment satisfait de cet achat et je le recommanderais à tous, surtout à ce prix Merci herbalganjastore.

Jennifer Toste / Verified Customer

Amazing product, it definitely gets you high but you have a much clearer head if that makes sense. It is pretty much as advertised. No anxiety what so ever. Would recommend for new user of edibles. Bottom line your high is bit as psychotic but all the negative effect that usually comes with edibles are almost none existant

Makunouchi31 / Verified Customer

I bought my first one 4 years ago. It just started to not “see” coil, so I bought a new won. Every other pod I have tried lasted 2-4 months. This one was 4 years!!!! The one pod id buy

sarasuccexy / Verified Customer

Delicious. Exactly what it describes. Hits like a ton of bricks within minutes and the feeling is everlasting. Absolutely impressed. Recommended to anyone for help with everyday ailments. BMWO impresses me every time being a long term customer. Never disappoints in any aspect of the way. Thank you.

UE / Verified Customer

Absolutely insane bud.
I would grade this 6A. Top quality. The best I’ve ever had. Super dense and frosted buds. Cured to perfection, tastes amazing, smells amazing. Buy it while you can!
The buzz is next level to boot.

Roman LaPatate / Verified Customer

Bright green medium size tight buds. They got some orange hairs and are covered of trichomes. They got a wonderful fruity and berry sweet smells! It tastes like it smells, delicious! It makes me feel calm and relax while staying active and focus!

NoMoreRasta / Verified Customer

The buds looked nice and crispy and with great firmness. The smell is actually quite nice, sweet lemon scent complimented by citrusy pine notes. Smokes nice and smooth, the ashes were a fine white-grey color. The high is a great energy boost to your day, makes you feel happy and content. 8/10 for me.

Selena Taylor / Verified Customer

Damn this was good. They taste pretty good. The chocolate chip got a little kick to them hehe . Came in a metal box with seal plastic over it. They are pretty strong so be aware

Denis Deschenes / Verified Customer

Bright green medium size tight buds. They got some orange hairs and are covered of trichomes. They got a wonderful fruity and berry sweet smells! It tastes like it smells, delicious! It makes me feel calm and relax while staying active and focus!

ffgrove / Verified Customer

Finally get to try this strain and very pleased. Excellent grow that really allows the complex smell and taste of this weed to come through. Nice and strong too. Very pleased!

RebelP / Verified Customer

You did quite well. I was surprised at how quick this item was mailed out to me. Loved it being so quick.

Charlie / Verified Customer

Very much enjoyed this, i remember ordering the 5 A version as well. which i recall being knockout amazing super weed, this was good.

ryansixstrings / Verified Customer

Packaged amazingly, and it tastes great… Smooth citrus smell, dense …. I tried it in a bong, and it hits thick … It is the best stuff I’ve ordered off this site!!

Josh Gale / Verified Customer

The time it came was great, everything about this site is great!

Stevee / Verified Customer

No bitter taste. My high didn’t last as long as others but its great for when you’re on the go and don’t want to be high for too long! My best friend loves these.

Selena Taylor / Verified Customer

I really enjoyed Snowball the Buds were very big and heavy in my batch, I ordered 7g’s and got 2 massive heavy buds. The nuggets looked exactly like their picture and had a really nice fruity sweet smell to them, they gave off a really nice smooth smoke excellent day time bud for getting stuff done. Will order again for sure especially if its on sale cant go wrong!

DirtyMagic / Verified Customer

I got the mango and the smell and taste was potent, you could really taste actual mango flavour and it gets you very high. I am going to buy this again soon for sure, maybe a new kind! I vaped it, and added it to joints, yum!

Steve-o / Verified Customer

I pick this up as part of a mix and match. I was stuck for my last choice and i am very pleases i went with this. Nice hybrid with a great taste and smoke ability it busted up nicely i will for sure pick this strain up again.

Chi chi / Verified Customer
ORDER Sour-Watermelon-Gummies marijuana edibles

This one is a must. We are moderate users. 100 MG is more than enough. Great buzz and relaxation. Be very careful during consumption. Too much can make you feel uncomfortable.(depends on tolerance level). 5/5. Great job team herbalganjastore.

Armando Ascione / Verified Customer