Lunar OG (500mg)


Lemon  |  Pine  |  Earthy

A deep OG essence and diesel undertones, peppered by hints of unearthed soil and freshly squeezed lemon.



Lunar OG – 500mg vape cartridge

Lunar OG – 500mg vape cartridge offers a profound OG substance and diesel suggestions, peppered by traces of natural skunk and crisply crushed lemon.

New ASCND oils are amazingly high cannabinoid full-range, single starting point, removes. These oils have a perfect piece for clients who acknowledge overwhelming psychoactive impacts, while as yet encountering strain explicit, weedy, profiles and bioactive terpenes and flavonoids.

Key Highlights:

– averaging 90% THC

– substantial psychoactive impacts

– consistent with strain single inception taste

Presenting Kurvana Degree: bundling designs that offer thorough lab brings about a solitary look. ASCND oil is tried on various occasions during the extraction procedure with licensed outsider research facilities. Each Kurvana Degree report is accumulated from test results by confided in outsider offices, for example, Cannalysis, CW, and Soak Slope. The outcomes on the bundling designs are taken from our completed item. In expectation for California law, we hold our principles to indistinguishable thorough guidelines from Oregon law and incorporate strength, leftover solvents, and pesticide examinations in our broad lab results. With Kurvana Degree, you don’t need to trust us; see precisely what you’re vaping, without fail

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