Indica Preroll 7-Pack


5 grams of fine, 100% Indica cannabis rolled to perfection in unbleached flax paper and with a sturdy, filterless crutch to give you a clean smoking experience. Each preroll provides you with the laid back, warmth and comforts of being stoned. These joints are a sweet, and discreet way to give you a full-body mellow on the go.



Pacific Stone Pre-Roll Packs

Get that enchantment feeling anyplace you go with our convenient gathering in a crate. 14 joints with quality braces and non-poisonous moving papers, 7g of 100% premium California-developed cannabis blossom per pack. (No shake or trim) Now accessible in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid, so we have the smooth for each state of mind.

Pacific Stone Flower Packs

There’s a grin in each bowl with Pacific Stone’s top-notch California bloom pockets. Accessible in PROG, Forbidden Fruit, and Wedding Cake Indica. Lemon, Banjo and Orange Sativa just as 805 Glue, Sunset Sherbet, and 805 Sour Hybrid. Every one of our freshness-fixed packs comes in 3.5g, 7g and 1 oz pockets of our best bloom to pack, smoke and offer.

Glue Hybrid Pre-Roll (Available in packs of 14 and tubes of 2)

A perfect blend of premium bud that enhances both energy and relaxation with a delightfully heady high. Ideal for light socializing, watching a movie or listening to music. Each joint of premium California cannabis is perfectly balanced for body and mind.

Suggested retail price before taxes:

14 pack (7g) : $40

2 pack (1g) : $8

Lemon Sativa Pre-Roll (Available in packs of 14 and tubes of 2)

Our Lemon Sativa is vibrantly focusing. Ideal as a day-time smoke that enhances your creative and mental energy. Great for parties, artistic endeavors or the task of the day.

Suggested retail price before taxes:

14 pack (7g) : $40

2 pack (1g) : $8

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