Hybrid Preroll


Crafthouse prerolls are hand-crafted in small batches using single-strain flower. Sourcing from heritage farmers across California who share the passion for both quality and sustainability. These top-shelf strains are meticulously cured, hand-trimmed, and rolled in natural, unrefined, crutched cones. Each preroll is individually tubed to ensure freshness.



Buy Hybrid – Pre-Roll

Hybrid – Pre-Roll s extremely fulfilling about having a Hybrid Pre-Roll fit to be smoked. Our Hybrid cone is made of premium mixture shake.

Mixture cones from just cannabis are ensured to offer the best mix of cannabis you will discover anyplace. Each Joint is hand-rolled and dunked in our Top Shelf Hybrid, giving the best quality sedated Pre-Roll per dollar.

These are probably the best joints you will discover anyplace. Each Joint is a half and half mix of our Top Shelf blossoms and top rack crossbreed, ensured to leave you fulfilled and loose. The joints are made with all characteristic Raw Rolling Papers and tips, alongside all regular cross breed mix of Herb, makes these cones the best available.

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