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A cross between Strawberry Field
and Haze, Strawberry Cough brings
a thoughtful and energetic high that
is perfect for conversation, reading,
or working.

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Buy Strawberry Cough, conveys a fruity sweetness and a composed high. This Sativa-predominant strain really scents and possesses a flavor like strawberries.

As far as anyone knows, as indicated by Maryjane’s old stories, it was first developed in a strawberry field. Some state that is the place it gets its special fruity flavor. What’s more, it sneaks up all of a sudden with its 20% indica and 80% Sativa cosmetics.

Plant type 20% Indica 80% Sativa

THC Up to 18%

CBD < 1% CBD

Difficulty Easy

Climate Indoors and cool or bright atmosphere

Plant size Tall

Flowers 8 weeks

Yields 14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Taste and Smell Berry | Skunky | Sweet

Uses Anxiety | Depression | Fatigue

Where does this strain get its name from? All things considered, other than its strawberry taste and smell, it truly triggers hacking. This cannabis strain can cause wild hacking. Indeed, even the savviest smokers are liable to attacks of hacking that leave the flavor of strawberry to enhance in their mouth. In addition, with an 18% THC content, you’re probably going to appreciate this high.

Source of Strawberry Cough

The specific source of Strawberry Cough is obscure, however, it is broadly expected that it was gotten from the Haze strain. It’s said to have been developed in a strawberry field, which represents the sweet smell and taste. This strain likewise has marginally skunky connotations.

Strawberry Cough was initially just accessible as a clone. Be that as it may, Dutch raisers built up another ancestry of multiplication for Strawberry Cough seed rearing. Despite where it originates from, this strain has quickly picked up fame among cultivators and smokers the same. So it’s nothing unexpected that request was high for Strawberry Cough seeds.

Developing Strawberry Cough Feminized Seeds

Strawberry Cough is anything but difficult to develop. It normally develops in a shaggy structure, so you don’t have to prepare it. While it is low support, pruning of pointless foliage, and giving a breeze will assist it with growing to its best, most delightful self.

We prompt likewise perusing our germination guidelines for ensured results.

Favored Climate

When developing outside you have increasingly outer variables that may mess with your development. Our plant defender set shields your plants from any difficulty going from shape to bugs.

Inside the Strawberry, Cough plant will bloom around 9-10 weeks before it’s prepared to collect. Open-air cultivators can hope to collect in October at the most recent.

Taking care of Strawberry Cough Plants

Maryjane manure guarantees your plants get the right measurements of macronutrients during every development arrangement. That way you’re constantly guaranteed sound developing plants. Make certain to look at these manures.

Visit our supplement area to get the correct plant nourishment for each development to arrange.

We prescribe giving your plants:

Cannabis Fertilizer – for ideal development

Plant Protector – for the best insurance

Blooming and Yield

At the point when treated appropriately you might have the option to reap around 14 ounces from a 3x3ft territory. Outside you may even yield this much from a solitary plant. Be that as it may, as usual, for ideal yield, the plant needs a great deal of light, the right temperature, dampness, and supplements.

Encountering The Strawberry Cough Strain

Strawberry Cough, being a Sativa predominant strain, is ideal for those looking for a smooth, slow-acting high.

It commonly isn’t excessively substantial and won’t keep you couch-locked like indica prevailing strains will in general do. This makes Strawberry Cough a decent strain to use during the daytime or at whatever point you despite everything have activities. You can get a buzz moving while as yet being profitable.

Strawberry Cough is said to offer a moderate, simple plummet into somewhat euphoric, upbeat emotions. Numerous clients report feeling loose and invigorated simultaneously when they devour Strawberry Cough.

With only one toke, this strain can truly make you hack. Its smoke has been accounted for to pose a flavor like strawberries, and it might leave a shivering sensation in your throat after utilization. Be that as it may, when this vanishes, the high is unadulterated delight.

The most normally announced response is a dry mouth, otherwise called cottonmouth. Many state this is immediately cured by expending additional fluids while smoking and a while later.

Dry eyes are another reaction, however this is additionally short enduring and not serious.

Strawberry Cough Taste and Smell

Strawberry Cough, as the name proposes, has a sweet taste of crisp strawberries. In spite of the light fruity taste, nonetheless, it has a skunky suggestion which may clarify the hack that it leaves its clients within the wake of smoking it.

This strain conveys an exceptional fragrant encounter that is incredibly charming. Set yourself up for a cerebral high joined by the smell of new strawberries in a nation field. The fragrance waits noticeable all around, helping you to remember a hearty tang and new organic product. You’ll likewise smell a trace of homegrown notes, alongside pleasurable sweetness.

When you breathe in Strawberry Cough, your sense of taste will get a blast of the sweet, tasty taste of berries. The delayed flavor impression of its natural yet zesty flavor will wait around inside your mouth for a long time. On the off chance that you like the flavor of strawberries, this strain of cannabis will help to remember the sweet, sugary organic product.

Utilizations for Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough’s sativa cosmetics is said to be nerve-quieting and may likewise be utilized to help address sentiments of misery. Its euphoric impacts may place things from an alternate perspective.

Likewise, since it will, in general, be a lighter sort of high, this strain permits smokers to work for the duration of the day without feeling tired, lazy or stalled.

Purchase Strawberry Cough Seeds

Fascinated by Strawberry Cough however not completely persuaded? Why not attempt a couple of seeds in a seed assortment pack.

These blend packs come at a colossal markdown and offer you the opportunity to attempt a couple of enduring a similar time.

Strawberry Cough comes in the accompanying mix packs:

Sativa Mix Pack (counting Chocolope and Super Lemon Haze)

Berry Mix Pack (counting Blueberry and Blackberry Kush)

Upbeat developing!

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