OG KUSH (500mg)


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OG Kush is a strong Indica strain, delivering heavy relaxation and sedative effects. The strong effects are felt throughout the entire body. Most patients report using OG Kush for sleep disorders, migraines and stress.




Buy OG KUSH ABX Vape ABX is the pioneer in strain-explicit, full-range cannabis oil vape cartridges. 100% unadulterated cannabis oil, accessible in CCELL innovation.

CCELL innovation offers improved flavor, steady hits, and lets you experience the nature of ABX full-range cannabis oil at the following level.

note that it has no added substances or fake flavors. Developed in California and neatly separated utilizing a supercritical CO2 strategy.

Supreme Extracts is an organization become out of Northern California that brings protected, strong, and unadulterated cannabis concentrates on the overall population.

likewise, Absolute Xtracts disperses just to clinical dispensaries. That will all change soon enough with the death of Prop 64 in California.

ABX makes a wide range of cannabis concentrate items like showers, delicate gels, nectar straws, and the sky is the limit from there.

notwithstanding, Part of that more classification incorporates strain explicit cartridges which our focal point of consideration goes to.

As the last remainders of oil disperse from your cartridge, you understand it’s an ideal opportunity to get a top off.

So you head down to your neighborhood dispensary, or maybe you call for conveyance.

By and by you go for the kind of strain you like, Indica.

Much the same as usual, the cartridge that is accessible makes no notice of definite strain.

It just states “Indica”. In any case, imagine a scenario in which you favor a specific strain of Indica.

That is the place an Absolute Xtracts cartridge (otherwise known as ABX) comes in.

Odds are that ABX has your preferred flavor since they offer 18 explicit strains in dispensable vape cartridges.

Pondering about the quality? Continue perusing for all the appropriate responses!

ABX Vape Cartridges flavors

Outright Xtracts as of now offers 17 distinct strains of cannabis in dispensable vape pen cartridges.

Check the names of each strain beneath to locate your appreciated one:

CandyLand – Hybrid

Durban Lime – Hybrid

Emerald Cup OG – Hybrid

Pineapple Afghani – Hybrid

Air conditioning/DC – Sativa

Berry White – Hybrid

Blackberry Kush – Indica

Blue Dream – Sativa

jack herer – sativa

Cherry Pie – indica

Blue Jay Way CBD-Rich – Hybrid

Chem Dog – indica

Young lady Scout Cookies – indica

Gorilla Glue – indica

OG Kush – indica

Illustrious Kush – Hybrid

Harsh Diesel – Sativa

ABX Vape Cartridges determinations

The fundamental worries that emerge from various styles of vape pen cartridges follow to a few issues.

right off the bat, The structure of the cartridge itself is an issue on certain models.

additionally, While there is the infrequent assembling imperfection, reports of Absolute Xtract cartridge issues are uncommon.

be that as it may, Another issue territory is simply the oil. A few organizations mix oil and it can isolate inside the cartridge.

Others have a poor extraction method bringing about oil that is excessively thick or dainty.

It either consumes right or solidifies and won’t consume by any means. Investigate Absolute Xtract Cartridge subtleties:

Metal Mouth Piece – A solid metal draw piece sits safely on the cartridge. It’s agreeable all the rage and simple to wipe and clean.

Hard Quality Plastic Container – The plastic cylinder holder is amazingly extreme. You’d most likely need to hit it with a sledge to break it. Not many clients report any sort of spilling.

Metal Tube Wick – Unlike the old-style Absolute Xtracts Cartridge, these models have metal draw wicks. You may even now observe a periodic old model that utilizes a fiber wick and plastic draw piece.

Perfect With Nearly All Pen Size Vaporizers – The strings on the cartridge that screw into your vape pen battery are general. They fit most brands of pen vaporizers.


Would it be that gives Absolute Xtract Cartridges such excellent grades and raving audits?

Likewise, Why would it be a good idea for you to get one of these cartridges over some other brand? be that as it may, Some of the reasons are as of now evident.

in the interim, Others appear through in a more profound gander at cartridge highlights.

100% Cannabis Oil – All cartridges are loaded with 100% cannabis concentrate. ABX doesn’t utilize coconut oil or some other filler in their cartridges.

70% THC – Absolute Xtracts has their procedure down to a science. By testing and refining their method, each strain of oil turns out to 70% THC.

Flawless Consistency – The oil consumes consummately on the grounds that it is neither too thick nor flimsy of a consistency.

18 Different Strains – With this sort of choice, clients have no issue finding a strain that suits their needs.

Cannabis Terpene Infusion – Absolute Xtracts mixes their oil with terpenes from each strain, giving them the impact and taste you

Upsides and downsides OF ABX Vape Cartridges


There’s an extensive rundown of advantages that join ABX brand cartridges, which clarifies why they have such good grades.

Right off the bat, The cartridges are durable and once in a while ever spill.

besides, They additionally fit most brands of pen-style vaporizers.

thirdly, The update from their old style cartridge is additionally a reward.

likewise, The oil is powerful and Absolute Xtracts tests each group.

in addition, You can make certain of the quality, yet additionally the way that no contaminants are available in your CBD oil.

At last, you have the huge element of 18 distinctive strain explicit cartridges to browse.

likewise, No mix of buds makes up their oil.

all in all, Absolute Xtracts develops their strains in cutting edge nurseries or family cultivates in Northern California.


ABX cartridges verge on hitting every one of the 5 stars, however, they do have two or three territories where they are deficient.

One frustration clients find is the 1 size .5 gram cartridge.

That is a little size and in the event that you vape consistently, the cartridge doesn’t keep going long

The other downside is the absence of unadulterated Indica and Sativa strains.

Additionally, They do have Sour Diesel which is a fine Sativa, yet just that one.

be that as it may, two or three mixtures are Indica overwhelming, however not straight strains.

It is anything but an enormous grumbling, yet why not include more strains or make the determination more even?

taking everything into account, Customers that approve of the .5 gram size cartridge and favor a particular strain will appreciate Absolute Xtracts oil. In the event that you like that flavor to come through in the taste, these cartridges are additionally directly for you. The huge decision of Hybrid strains makes a play area for individuals with that inclination.

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