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Jack Herer is a world-famous Hybrid strain known for its blissful, euphoric, focused high. The rich terpenes found in Jack Herer give it a spicy pine scent. Jack Herer tastes fruity on the inhale – with hints of orange and lemon – and spicy on the exhale, with notes of ginger and citrus.

Medicinal: Jack Herer produces a wonderful, energetic head buzz. Patients use Jack Herer to help treat ailments such as anxiety, nausea, depression, migraines, headaches, and stress.

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Buy Jack Herer Ganja Gold

Buy Jack Herer Ganja Gold Cannabis Sativa is one of the two most popular subspecies of cannabis and is used both medically and recreationally. Sativa plants and leaves are wide and thin in comparison to Indica which is shorter and stocky. Sativa’s effects come from its ingredients; cannabinoids, which include THC and CBD and essential oils (terpenes), The abundance of the different terpenes and cannabinoids can vary widely between and within strains of Sativa and Indica.

This herb thrives in semi-tropical to tropical climate zones. Effects tend to be uplifting, inspires creativity, and promote the ability to focus. Sativas are commonly recommended for daytime use and in the treatment of ADD, fatigue, depression and mood disorders. The effects and the constituents of different Sativa strains can vary widely, so trial and error are necessary to determine the best strain for an individual.

Jack herer cannabis seeds

Jack Herer cannabis seeds: If you’re looking for the best marijuana you don’t have to look for, there’s no single variety that has so often fallen into prices like Jack Herer. Not only are the home growers and professionals very enthusiastic about these seeds, you can also get this kind on prescription at Dutch pharmacies because it is considered as recognized medicinal Cannabis. This type of weed owes its name to the author of “The Emperor without Clothes”. In words and deeds, Jack Herer preaches the quality of hemp, and provides information about all the applications of this plant that can make the world better.

Jack herer Information:

In Jack herer, a huge resin production is combined with a tropical high of the Sativa, you will immediately taste how special this weed is. The buds become so thick that it looks like the plant is dipped in a barrel of honey, you see the buds glistening. This crystallization spreads from the stem to the stems to the leaves. Jack Herer lets all fine details of Sativa and Indica meet perfectly and strengthens the properties of these species. Growers have the choice for different combinations so they can choose various mother plants with their own unique characteristics.

Jack Herer Outdoor Growing

When we look at the four main phenotypes we see that three tend towards Sativa with the fourth being a growth pattern that we know of the Indica. The blooms come quite quickly with dense and convex buds which are also very interesting for commercial use. Thanks to these phenotypes you can count on high yields per plant and per square meter based on optimal cultivation. Moreover, this plant is not normally sold for commercial purposes. This is a plant for lovers with beautiful chalice of unrivalled quality that you want to share with your friends to enjoy it together. There is a double power that makes Jack herer so special, first a cerebral high that you take off, and at the same time a miraculous feeling that draws through your whole body. Keep in mind that you will feel a lot of landslides while you make a trip along the stars in the upper room.


Characteristics of Jack Herer

  • Combination of 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica
  • A THC content of 16 percent
  • Suitable for a sunny and Mediterranean climate
  • A high plant that flowers 50 to 70 days
  • A very high yield


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