Blackberry Kush (Feminized)


  • Minimal side effects
  • Perfect for growing indoors due it compact size
  • Has an euphoric effect

Blackberry Kush is a powerful indica-dominant strain of cannabis. This potent bud, with its unique fragrance, is a favorite strain among savvy smokers. Both recreational users and medical marijuana patients enjoy it for its euphoric effects. And, just like the name suggests, this is one sweet smelling strain.

Medical cannabis dispensaries recommend it to those suffering from various nervous conditions because of its relaxing components. This has kept the strain in high demand throughout the cannabis industry. The hybrid is a cross between Blackberry hybrid and Afghani indica. So, its makeup is 80% indica and 20% sativa.

The Blackberry Kush strain comes with a robust and skunky aroma that’s recognizable and renowned. With this strain, a little is all it takes to get you a euphoria that’s stronger than what the average cannabis delivers. This is because it contains between 16% to 20% THC. Prepare yourself for a calm ride, that will help relieve your stress, as well as manage your chronic pain.




Blackberry Kush Marijuana Seeds for Sale

One of the top Indica strains of cannabis is known as Blackberry Kush. This is a hybrid of parents Blackberry and Afghan Kush. The dark green leaves on the plants are also going to have lighter green areas. The leaves are dense and they can show yellow, black, and purple colors on them. In the final weeks of growth, red hairs will start to emerge. Due to the unique appearance, this is a product that stands out and people are aware of what it is when they see such plants. Each plant offers a generous amount of resin.

How much THC does Blackberry Kush Offer?

There is a high amount of THC offered with Blackberry Kush. The range is between 20% and 25%. The overall amount depends on the quality of the product or the quality of the seeds you grow your own plants from. This is a very powerful strain of marijuana, so it isn’t recommended for someone new to using such products.

For those who use Blackberry Kush, they will often say it is unlike anything else they have tried. They don’t waste their time with any of the other strains of cannabis from that point forward. It only takes a small amount of this product to create a very strong buzz that will come on quickly. It should be used when you are at home to relax or when you are ready for bed. Most people fall asleep in an hour or less of using it.

Classes: Modest seeds, Feminized seeds, Cross breed seeds, Indica seeds, Indoor seeds, Clinical seeds, Open air seeds, Premium Line, Normal seeds, Sativa seeds, White Seeds



Up to 23 %


Indica 60%, Sativa 40%




As much as 400 gram/14.1 ounces per sq meter

YIELD Outside

As much as 550 gram/19.4 ounces per sq meter

Tallness INDOOR

Up to 70 cm/27.6 inch

Tallness Open air

Up to 100 cm/39.4 inch

Blooming TIME

Not accessible

Collect MONTH

2 times each year

Develop Trouble


Blackberry is a popular strain known for its balance of an active buzz and the high yields of plants due to its indica side. It was bred in 2009 by Dutch company Nirvana Seeds as a cross between a Black Domina clone from the U.S and their own Raspberry Cough. Flowering happens between 9 and 11 weeks and plants will have a tight leaf structure and frosty buds. Indoor growing is recommended, but be warned, Blackberry plants are pungent. This strain has strong smoke that can have a fuel smell, but it is dominantly fruity.

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